The importance of keeping a safe distance on the toll road

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The importance of keeping a safe distance on the toll road

The importance of keeping a safe distance on the toll road

Maintaining a safe distance between vehicles on the toll road is extremely important because, on the highway usually traversed at this high speed, some mistakes can be an accident.

It must be understood that the safety distance is the space and time required for the driver to analyze and then anticipate the potential danger.

In Indonesia, there are no fixed rules regarding safe driving distance.

According to hukumonline.com, the rules in this area were previously contained in Government Regulation No. 43 of 1993 concerning road infrastructure and traffic in Article 62.

However, this regulation was invalidated by Government Regulation No. 79 of 2013 on road traffic and transport networks. In this new regulation, there is no question of safety distance between vehicles.

Based on the theory of defensive driving, set a safe distance in all conditions using the three-second principle. Jusri Pulubuhu, director of training at Jakarta Defensive Driving- ing Consulting (JDDC), once said: understanding the three-second principle was part of driving expertise.

Jusri explained that these three seconds had been counted from the vehicle driven by the other vehicle in front. How to calculate it, if the vehicle ahead has passed a point, for example marked with a power pole, then three seconds later, the vehicle exceeds the same point.

The three seconds are determined based on human ability to respond to sudden situations. Jusri says humans need 1.5 seconds to understand a dangerous situation. A reaction is then triggered, for example, a deviation or sudden braking.

It is also important to know that the safety distance established between vehicles is not an empty space that can be infiltrated by a third vehicle. The bad habits usually taken by the third driver can endanger your life or the lives of others.

In addition to the safety distance issue, drivers on the toll road must also understand the predetermined speed limits.

Keep in mind that the higher the speed, the less the driver needs space and time to react to dangerous events. In accordance with Regulation No. 111 of 2015 of the Minister of Transport concerning the procedures for setting limits for vehicles, Article 3 sets the speed limits on toll roads at 60 km / h and 100 km / h.
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