Dangers Turn on the air conditioner after parking parked in the sun.

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Dangers Turn on the air conditioner after parking parked in the sun.

Dangers Turn on the air conditioner after parking parked in the sun.

One of the habits that is often taken when the owner enters the cabin after the car is parked in the sun for a long time, which immediately turns the air conditioner on so that it does not get too hot. Apparently, this was not recommended.

When constantly exposed to the sun, the interior of a car can turn into an oven until it is very hot.

It takes time to lower the temperature so that passengers feel comfortable and the trip can be made. The habit of turning on AC directly is called a health risk. A gust of wind from the air conditioner mixed with warm air in the cabin is known to cause cancer when inhaled by humans.

Cited on the official website of Daihatsu Indonesia, solar radiation can cause chemical reactions between plastic materials, air fresheners, upholstery and other materials in the cabin. The hot air in the cabin, also described, could produce new substances, namely benzene and carcinogenic toxins, carcinogens.

It is said that benzene poisons the bones, in addition to causing anemia and reducing the number of white blood cells. If you breathe it often for a long time, the effect is known to cause leukemia. Benzene can also cause miscarriages in pregnant women.

The levels of benzene in the room that humans can tolerate are 50 mg per square foot.

Cars parked inside with the windows closed will produce 400 to 800 mg of benzene, but if they are parked outside and in the sun at a temperature above 15 degrees Celsius, benzene levels can increase up to 2,000 to 4,000 mg, or 40 times more, than humans can tolerate. .

The solution to this is to get into the habit of opening all the windows before turning on the air conditioner, the goal being to circulate the air in the cabin. If necessary, turn on the air conditioner a few moments before the passenger enters the cab.

As a precaution, choose a shaded parking spot. If there is none, the windshield may be slightly open when parking, but make sure everything is safe when finished.
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