Causes of Millennial Gout Attack, from sugar to alcohol

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Causes of Millennial Gout Attack, from sugar to alcohol

Causes of Millennial Gout Attack, from sugar to alcohol

The millennial generation is now in the 25 to 38 age group. Age considered "young" for gout, which was once popular as a disease of the elderly.

A study in England found that 1 in 40 people now suffer from gout. Although most patients are still 60 or older, the number of patients aged 20 to 30 has increased by 30% since 2012, said Friday.

Overweight is at the heart of the growing cases of gout among young people, said Arthritis Research UK's medical director, Professor Alan Silman.

According to him, the overweight related to obesity is very influenced by the consumption of sugary drinks, including soft drinks. The consumption of sugary foods, alcohol consumption, pronounced taste for red meat, foods containing saturated fats and smoking also contribute to the cause of gout at a young age.

Silman said, millennia tend to be less aware of health. They will do or eat what they want because they feel young.

In addition to diet choices, the UK Gout Society reports that 1 in 10 patients also inherit the gout from their parents. However, experts have not agreed on the importance of genetic influences and lifestyle on increasing the risk of gout in young people.

The gout itself is usually characterized by a fairly strong pain in the joints, sometimes followed by swelling, and often begins with the big toe.

The pain usually occurs at night and occurs suddenly. The pain is caused by too much uric acid that crystallizes and settles in the joints.

Many patients say that their joints are very painful. A patient named Harry Tyndall (28) also experienced this incident. One morning, he did not find his right leg so painful that it was difficult for him to walk. "I did not think for a second about gout, because I knew it was a disease for people of my age," he told a physiotherapy clinician who explained that he was suffering from gout. .

In addition to avoiding the causes of gout, taking anti-inflammatories is usually a therapeutic option. It is strongly recommended that patients with gout modify their eating behavior, in particular by reducing the consumption of soda, sugar and alcohol. Regular exercise can also reduce the risk of recurrence of uric acid.
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