ADHD, the reason why Leonardo Da Vinci never finished painting

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ADHD, the reason why Leonardo Da Vinci never finished painting

ADHD, the reason why Leonardo Da Vinci never finished painting

We can say that the Mona Lisa is the most famous painting in the world. But like many of Leonardo da Vinci's works, this painting is also considered unfinished.

There is a reason why da Vinci's works never end. Half a millennium after his departure, the researchers found a potential explanation behind this unfinished art.

Da Vinci would have an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. Quoting CNN, researchers from King's College London and the University of Pavia in Italy have revealed historical evidence, including historical data from Da Vinci's contemporaries. He concluded that problems related to time management, concentration and work delays were associated with ADHD.

Marco Catani, a professor of neuroanatomy and psychiatry at King's College, and Paolo Mazzarello, a professor in the Department of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at the University of Pavia, said the disorder explained some aspects of his temperament and the strange shape of dissipative engineering.

"It is historically incorrect to accept the biographical story described by the romantic writer who described Leonardo as a solitary genius who was not respected by the people of his time because of his so-called overly advanced ideas. they wrote.

"The biographers have always shown that Leonardo always strives to please his clients, and it is inevitable that he will not be disappointed by any concrete expression of his talent.The people of his time will never understand or forgive his lack of discipline, not because of his visionary spirit "

These researchers have highlighted the tendency of Da Vici to move from one task to another. In addition, he usually works continuously all night, is deprived of sleep, has a nap and gets up quickly. In addition, left-handed Da Vinci survived a stroke in the left hemisphere at age 65 and was fluent in the language. These two factors indicate the dominance of the best right hemisphere for language.

Previously, the researchers had diagnosed Da Vinci dyslexia, learning difficulties often diagnosed with ADHD.

Louise Theodosiou, a spokeswoman for the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said earlier research also linked ADHD to increased creativity. "Although the symptoms of ADHD are difficult to concentrate, they can also focus intensely in a narrow area." "This is combined with the fact that people with ADHD can take risks or think outside the box and be creative and productive."
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