Launch of the Vespa LX 125, price of use of the new BBN Jakarta

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Launch of the Vespa LX 125, price of use of the new BBN Jakarta

Launch of the Vespa LX 125, price of use of the new BBN Jakarta

Piaggio Indonesia unveiled Tuesday (27/8) the refreshing Vespa LX 125 i-get in the region of Kemang, south of Jakarta. The difference from the previous model has been exposed to cosmetics without any change in the shape or replacement of components in the kitchen runway sector.

Refreshing the LX 125 i-get is based on the new mirror design, logo, dashboard display and ventilation openings on the front attachment.

In the lighting system, this scooter has undergone changes in the headlights and the daylight already using LED technology. The design of the taillights also changed, while in the box under the steering wheel, there was a mobile phone charging plug.

In addition, the rim, muffler and double swingarm with the "2 degrees of freedom" function to reduce engine vibration also change.

The design of the seats is now more flat and elegant. The footrest has been redesigned to increase the control and comfort of the rider and passenger.

"We are witnessing today a new freshness of the timeless classic icon, the Vespa LX," said Piaggio Indonesia's president, Marco Noto La Diega.

He explained that the Vespa LX first appeared around the world in 2005, in addition to marking the 60th anniversary of the Vespa. In Indonesia, the Vespa LX was launched in 2011.

"We are dedicating the latest Vespa LX 125 i-get to Vespa lovers, always young at heart, who dare to explore the world with grace and style," said Marco.

Vespa LX 125 i-get is available in three colors: red, black, volcano and Avio blue. This classic style scooter is offered Rp. 35.8 million on the road in Jakarta.

According to Robby Gozal, PT Piaggio Indonesia's Public Relations and Communications Manager, the price of the LX 125 i-get has risen by almost 4 million rupees compared to the previous model. The context of this increase was mentioned because of proposed changes and transfer fees on behalf of Jakarta, which now stands at 12.5%, up from the previous 10%.

"Yes, there are a lot of changes, but the biofuel in Jakarta is also rising," said Robby.
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