Engine oil is not used for a long time

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Engine oil is not used for a long time

Engine oil is not used for a long time

Engine oil is an unused fluid for a long time. Ideally, car oil should be replaced when mileage reaches 5,000 to 10,000 km. As a general rule, we can consider the service book as a guide to finding the right time to change the oil.

The service manual usually indicates the recommended time to change the engine oil.

However, the founder of the Indonesian Automobile Club and Community Communication Forum (FK3O), Mr. Wahab S, said that vehicle owners should not rely on kilometers as a reference for oil change, but rather on the duration of use of the vehicle.

"Changing oil is not just the distance, but the time or the number of hours the car is used in a day (multiplied by months)," said Wahab on the sidelines of the event. Castrol Wednesday (7/8).

For example, if we make changes every 10,000 kilometers or every six months, which is chosen first.

According to Wahab, the term "current engine time" is also defined, or the car engine continues to operate in a blocked or blocked state.

In this case, the engine is more "stressful" because it continues to bear the burden. Under such conditions, the owner of the car should not use mileage as a reference to replace the engine oil.

"For example, if a car stops and goes, often the engine is still running, which means that if we change, say, 5,000, we have to lower the standard," he said.

Weather and environmental factors

The weather determines the ideal time to change the lubricant of the car. According to him, the hot weather has an impact on the engine performance. If the vehicle often crosses cold areas or around 20 degrees, the lubricant will certainly last longer. In this case, it is not necessary to replace the lubricant in time.

"Or, for example, the temperatures used for conditions up to 40 degrees and cold temperatures, for example 20 ° C, of ​​course, it will be different, or the condition of the dusty roads will be different from the use of conditions that do not are not dusty roads, "said Wahab.
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