Air pollution in Jakarta can trigger a risk of heart disease

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Air pollution in Jakarta can trigger a risk of heart disease

Air pollution in Jakarta can trigger a risk of heart disease

Recently, Jakarta has often been put forward because of the poor air quality. In addition to disrupting the respiratory system, air pollution also has a negative impact on heart health.

Agus Dwi Susanto, expert in pneumology, RSUP Pers Friendship, said air pollution increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. Like respiratory disorders, this is caused by pollutant particle components.

Particles of 2.5 microns, called Agus, can penetrate the lower airways of the alveoli.

The family name is a part of the lungs' anatomy where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged.

"Fine particles [from air pollution] can enter the blood vessels when oxygen is released into the blood," Agus said in Jakarta (south) on Monday (5/8).

These fine particles, called Agus, can stimulate oxidative processes and systemic inflammation of the blood vessels.

"In the long run, this can cause plaque in the heart or blood vessels," said Agus. This plaque causes heart disease and stroke.

In addition to heart disease and stroke, respiratory disorders are a general impact of air pollution on health. Inhalation of particles will cause irritation of the respiratory tract.

When irritation persists, certain risks of diseases such as upper respiratory infections (ARI), influenza and chronic cough appear. It is quite possible that air pollution in Jakarta may also cause lung cancer.

Therefore, it is important that you wear a mask when you are outside. Masks are easy to find on the market with effective filtration of airborne particles up to 40%.

For better protection, you can use a respirator capable of filtering up to 95% of the polluting particles from the air.

"Also maintain the shape of your body.The emergence of a disease also has a weak immune character, so it needs adequate rest and consumption of food [contains] antioxidants," added Agus.
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